Welcome to The Archive

The Archive is an integral approach at generating meaningful discussion in order to unify polarized or differing philosophies, beliefs and methods of understanding.

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The Who

BJ Carpenter

Although I am still quite young comparable to many who are interested in similar topics, I have spent a vast majority of my lifetime in study, listening to lectures, collecting texts, seeking out new experiences, and working on self-improvement. . . I like to call myself an “eclectic philosopher”. The Archive is a life-long dream in the making, and I hope to use it as a platform to continue my search for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. 

Connor Derting

If you don’t already know, my name is Connor Derting and I host The Archive with BJ Carpenter. I frequently catch myself reflecting back on the many profound and perhaps even prescient discussions I used to partake in with childhood friends (if only I had recorded them). For better or worse, these conversations, as well as my own unique life experiences, molded me into a curious individual and an avid learner. This thirst for knowledge has followed me into my adult years and now that the technology permits it, I have embarked on the journey of having discussions, very much like I did as a child, for the world to hear. 

The What

The Union of Opposites

Union of Opposites is an attempt to merge ideas that are generally perceived as incompatible. Ultimately, our goal is to demonstrate the integration of differences towards a new “transcendent other”, rather than simply seeking a neutral middle ground between them. Alchemically, this is known as the “Royal Marriage”, or the “Great Work”, in which the philosophers stone, a divine tool symbolizing the attainment of truth and self-realization, is forged. We believe that polarities can be reconciled, as true growth and evolution will only occur by the integration with, and not by destruction of, opposition.

Book Review

Here at The Archive, we are constantly surrounded by a plethora of profound texts. Because we are avid readers and spend much of our leisure time in self-study, we decided to embark on the noble pursuit of fostering excitement in others about the books that we find invigorating and beneficial. 


While reading is a very important skill that we try to cultivate and encourage others to practice, learning through listening is equally as important. In the modern era, many people (including us) are more inclined to want to learn through listening rather than reading. We aspire to make these ideas as accessible as possible to all who are interested.